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“Working at McDonald’s has helped me improve my
self-confidence because as you talk to people you gain
more confidence

Antonis, 20 CREW

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    “We offer love and a smile to people”

    I am from Greece and I came to Cyprus in 2017 to do my military service at Stavrovouni in the Larnaca district. As soon as I finished the army I returned to Greece and a year later I found an advertisement for employment at McDonald’s so appealing that it made me want to return to Cyprus. Free accommodation for one year, a free meal every day, full training, with a very good and stable salary and significant benefits. Such opportunities are not found every day. The fact that I saw the beauty of the island and its people first-hand when I was here the first time, was another reason that made me want to return. In fact, I applied and moved immediately. I never regretted it even for a moment.

    The friendly environment at McDonald’s made the adjustment so much easier. All my colleagues supported me and were at my side from the first moment. It was unbelievable how quickly we bonded and worked together as a team right from the beginning. The truth is I feel that I have gained a second family in Cyprus.

    Contact with the customers and the fact that every day I meet new people is rewarding for me. At the restaurant in Ayia Napa where I work, we deal with a large number of tourists from all over the world and the communication with different cultures and nationalities fascinates me. It has helped me evolve as a person as well as an employee and gain more confidence in my daily interactions. The joy you feel when you offer love and a smile to people every day cannot be expressed with words.

    During this past year I have seen myself evolve, develop and my capabilities recognized. I have already started training for my first promotion as Swing Manager, something which pleased me very much when it was announced to me. By the summer I will be a shift assistant and will be responsible for the management of the kitchen or service personnel, for the safety and quality of products and for much more. I look forward to this as well as to attending the first weekly seminar for Shift Management.

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    “I realized that this is what l wanted to do with my life”

    I am 29 years old and have been working at McDonald’s for 11 whole years! My initial plan, when I first started, was to work for a year and then go for studies. This never happened. From the beginning, I realized that this is what I wanted to do with my life and that my future belonged within this company.

    Therefore, I decided to stay and simultaneously study as Office Administrator, which I completed in 2 years. Initially, my decision was based on the benefits offered, such as Provident Fund, Medical Fund, a stable salary and flexible working hours. The important thing though, was that my work enabled me to come into contact with a lot of people, to be trained and also to transfer the knowledge I gained to others.

    My course at McDonald’s was upward. With slow and steady steps, with continuous training and hard work I climbed constantly until I was promoted to Store Manager in 2012. I attended seminars such as the RLP (Restaurant Leadership Practices) and the BLP (Business Leadership Practices) which helped to cultivate my leadership and business skills. In 2017 I was awarded with Store Manager of the Year. My joy and emotion for that award was immense as I felt my hard work and efforts were recognized and awarded.

    My responsibilities include discovering talent and training and educating them so that they can be promoted to members of the restaurant’s Management team. I am very proud to see people that I have trained excelling and achieving their goals.

    The feeling of giving to others and the satisfaction you receive when you see people that you believe in fulfilling their dreams is for me the most important advantage of my job.

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    “I’m proud to work at McDonald’s”

    I am blessed with being a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 2 wonderful grandchildren. For the last 20 years I have been working at McDonald’s. Everything started in 1999 when two of my relatives worked at McDonald’s. They were very enthusiastic and happy in their work, especially with their flexible hours, which seemed perfect for me at that specific period in my life. Therefore, I applied at McDonald’s as well. It was a difficult time for me then, for personal and practical reasons. I didn’t even have a car! Fortunately, my application was successful and I started work immediately.

    I had a lot of energy! I wanted to learn everything. I started working in the kitchen and, even though I liked it, I felt I wanted more direct contact with people. I had the opportunity to help my colleagues in the lobby, organising children’s parties and in customer service. That is how I realized, in practice, how much communicating with people made me happy. My supervisors saw my performance, they recognized my efforts and decided that the position of Customer Care was a position that corresponded to my abilities and my needs. In a very short period of time I started to work permanently in that position.

    I shall never forget when I had to stop my employment temporarily due to some health problems a member of my family was facing. McDonald’s was by my side. They gave me as much time as I needed and when I was able to return, I immediately got my job back and I will never stop being grateful for all the help and support I received.

    We spend half our life at work and I feel very lucky that my work gives me joy and lifts my mood! Many times, at the restaurant in Engomi where I work, teenagers come in who say they remember me from the children’s parties they used to have when they were young. It is very emotional when people remember you and connect you with such happy childhood memories.

    Now I work as a GEL which means I welcome customers and ensure that their experience at our restaurant is pleasant and they have a wonderful time whether they are with their family, friends or on their own!

    I am very proud to work for such a strong brand and also at a company with ethos and values. It is not only the fact that McDonald’s is a good employer and offers benefits but that the atmosphere is very people-centric. McDonald’s is always by our side, on a personal and professional level. And I speak from experience! McDonald’s is my second home!

    We spend half our life at work and I feel very lucky that my work gives me joy.

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    “The work environment is unbelievable”

    I am 23 years of age and for the past 3 years have worked at McDonald’s. I remember that whenever I visited the restaurants as a customer, I saw the employees always smiling and so enthusiastic, it immediately improved my own mood. It made my day and that is the reason why I wanted to work there.

    Truly, when I experienced it myself, I understood why the people were so friendly and happy. The work environment is unbelievable, we work with a team spirit and that is why we manage to face any difficulties which may occur and to have such good results. It is no coincidence that now we are not only colleagues but friends with common interests who meet outside work.

    I firmly believe in the importance of a team and it is no coincidence that my passion is football. As well as my work at McDonald’s I work as a coach to groups of children under 12 years of age. I see a lot of similarities between my two occupations and the one helps the other. From my position as Swing Manager, and from the seminars I have attended, I have managed to gain more patience, so that I can handle each person individually according to their personality and needs, and to react correctly in times of high pressure and stress. All the above is also very useful in the training I do with the children. Both my position at McDonald’s and as a football coach demand discipline, teamwork and cooperation.

    I am very happy that, due to the flexible working hours offered to me at McDonald’s, I can combine my work with the training. My goal is to continue to evolve in both and, at some point, with steady steps and continuous training to be promoted to Assistant Manager.

    Both my position at McDonald’s and as a football coach demand discipline, teamwork and cooperation.

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    KHAWAR IQBAR MALIK, 32, Crew Trainer, Larnaca

    I came to Cyprus from Pakistan to study and met with my wife 8 years ago, we got married and today we have 3 children. I studied Electrical Engineering but I did different jobs to take care of my family. Two years ago, I started a second job at McDonald’s. I needed the extra money but it was difficult for me to find part-time work which was compatible with my first job in terms of hours and at the same time be able to spend time with my family.

    I felt it was a challenge to work in a big company like McDonald’s and that is why one day when I visited one of the restaurants as a customer, I saw an advertisement for a job vacancy and I decided to apply. Really, this specific job offered me so much. The salary, the bonuses, 13th salary and the flexible hours of work are not the only benefits of my job. As a Crew Trainer I developed my leadership and communication skills, I became more effective and more resolute in decision making. I have more self confidence, and every day I experience something different. My training has started for my promotion to the position of Swing Manager and I am looking forward to working in that position as well.

    The relationship I have with my colleagues is unique. I have never experienced it in another job. They support and help me with anything I need. It is not easy doing two jobs and thankfully my colleagues and supervisors at McDonald’s are understanding and do their best to make it easier for me. We operate as a team in everything. We take care of one another and we share moments at work and also from our lives generally. I feel that at McDonald’s I have gained a second family, something that is very important to me because my parents, my relatives and my friends are all far away.

    I would like to continue my hard work so that I may achieve my goals for professional development and I feel lucky that I find myself in a company that has offered me the chance to succeed in everything I dreamt of and in an environment without discrimination, where there are equal opportunities for everyone!

  • Athena’s StoryExpand

    “With every promotion l became determined to aim higher”

    I came from Greece 20 years ago with my baby daughter Maria. I was looking for work and McDonald’s happened to be near my home and as my daughter was still a baby and I wanted to be as close as possible to her, I decided to apply there.

    Back then, I had very low self-esteem, once I saw for myself the fast pace of the job and its demands, I was scared I wasn’t going to make it! However, all my co-workers were so helpful and supportive and helped me adapt, guiding me with patience and love. It wasn’t long before I found my own work rhythm and became very happy with my job and my duties there. I started off as Crew in the kitchen and almost immediately, I was transferred to the counter serving customers. In 2 years, I was promoted to Crew Trainer and then Swing Manager. With every promotion, my self-confidence grew and I became determined to aim higher. A year later, I did, I got promoted again to Assistant Manager.

    Interacting with new people every day and the wonderful team spirit at work are the true enjoyments of my job.

    I was so happy and satisfied with my job, that when my daughter Maria grew up and wanted to work, I told her she too should apply at McDonald’s. She could give it a try and see if she liked it. And she did, Maria loves her job at McDonald’s as much as I do. She can combine her studies with her work schedule due to the flexible hours and that is very important for her.

    My second daughter, Victoria, who was born here in Cyprus, also expressed she would like to work at McDonald’s, even though she is very young. Knowing the great work environment, I encouraged her to try working with us as well! It’s an amazing feeling when we work together and sometimes, the 3 of us work the same shift! We’re not mother and daughters at work, we are part of a bigger family.

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    STAVRI KYRIAKOU, 24, Swing Manager, LIMASSOL
    “I cannot imagine myself in any other professional environment”

    I am 24 years old and I have been working at McDonald’s for 9 years now. A whole lifetime! My mother worked at McDonald’s too and she encouraged me to also apply. She wanted me to work at McDonald’s because I was very introverted, shy and I had a big issue with personal relationships. My family wanted to help me but I could not disperse the shame and shyness I felt.

    Slowly, slowly after I started at McDonald’s, I managed to get over all of my fears. The constant contact I had with people and the kind way my colleagues treated me, helped me become more social and outgoing and I became a happier person. Now, 9 years later, I have a lot of friends and many of them are part of the McDonald’s team.

    I worked part-time at the beginning because I was still in school. I went on to study Nutrition and Dietetics, so I started working a few more shifts, always having in mind that with the flexible hours I could work, I could combine my exams and study time. Now I am continuing with my master degree in Food Technology as I continue at McDonald’s as a Swing Manager. I am in charge of the smooth operation of the restaurant, customer satisfaction, our food’s quality and safety and I also make sure that our employees work in a great environment based on McDonald’s high standards. On occasion, I also have the responsibility for the restaurant’s orders, the work roster or the co-ordination of Crew Trainers.

    I cannot imagine my life in another professional environment. My goal is to continue my hard work and to attend seminars on store management and to develop my leadership skills so that I can progress at McDonald’s as much as I can.